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Annual Wellness Exams

Regular examinations are crucial for your pets’ overall health. This is much more than just vaccinations and deworming (although certainly these are also very important!) Here at Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians thoroughly examine every pet “nose to tail” that comes in for an examination. Our goal during the examination is to find any potential problems before they become serious ones, as well as to educate our clients about the best wellness and preventative care for their pets. Cats and dogs are experts at hiding illness and discomfort, and our doctors are highly trained in identifying these sorts of conditions with our physical exam.

We promise to even make the process as fun and relaxing as possible (treats! Toys! Pets!). We are a Fear Free Hospital: Which means that we specialize in making your pet’s visit stress free for them and for you, their caretakers. Please call us if you have concerns about bringing your pet to the veterinarian due to fear or stress, we would love to help you.

Please contact us today at (206) 232-0333 to schedule your pets’ annual examinations.